About VIM Commerce Ltd.
VIM Commerce Ltd. was founded in 2007 and is follower by company WIM – 57.

WIM 57 was founded in 1991 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company specializes in manufacturing of lamp-holders for fluorescent luminaries. As one of the most up-to-date companies in this field it manages to work successfully on the market. The innovations of the committed personnel of the company are firmly dedicated to satisfaction of clients needs. WIM 57 management is strongly oriented towards implementation of new high technology product ranges.

The company has launched CNC management. Technical equipment is from ARBURG, Germany. The high standards of work and quality of the products have made WIM 57 completely competitive to the European market.

The personnel of WIM 57 is highly qualified. The company employs 12 people whose qualification is regularly updated. WIM 57 has quality standard ISO 9001:2000 and all the products are laboratory tested.

The components are designed to be built into luminaires. Luminaire and equipment manufacturers are responsible for the technically correct installation of our lampholders.
The maximum temperature achieved in any part of the component should not exceed the values given in the standard.

The maximum operating temperature for lampholders and starterholders without a given temperature rating is 80° С .
In any luminaries the heat generated by the lamp, by the ballast an by the current passing through it, all contribute to the working temperature of the lampholders.

The maximum operating temperature , therefore, depends on the amount of heat developed by these sources, and the efficency with which this heat is dissipated by the luminaire. The choice of the most suitable lampholder must be left to the manufacturer as this depends on the usage , type of construction , operating ambients and electrical characteristics of the luminaire and the environment in which it is installed.

The luminaire manufacturer must verify that the maximum temperature is not exceeded under normal operating conditions following installation.

The luminaire manufacturer, in order to correctly identify the temperature characteristics of the G 13 lampholder , must consult the lampholder catalogue.

In some cases , a G 13 lampholder may be unsuitable for inclusion in luminaries where heat from the ballast is a major contributory factor to the working temperature of the lampholder.

Fluorescent lamps are iow pressure mercury vapour discharge lamps in which the internal surface of the glass tube is coated with phosphors which emit visible light when stimulated by the ultra violet light of the bischarge. These lamps operate at a voltage which is lower than the mains supply utilizing a ballast until which also acts as a current limiting device.

In a normal working situation the lamp the temperature of the outer glass surface will remain within quite close limits , reaching about 60° – 70° C in the centre and 70° – 80° C near the lamp caps. As the lamp nears the end of its life the temperature at the lamp caps may rise to above the most temperature. In the absence of a starting device that interrupts the circuit under these conditions , thus avoiding continous flickering , the lamp should be changed immediately to avoid dangerous overheating.

Materials, design and our development program may be subject to changes without notice.

Please contact us in case of doubt about correct installation of our lampholders.